Path of Gold: Behind the Scenes

January 22, 2022
This is a scan of my original concept sketch

How I Came to Create: Path of Gold

In my Threadz shop, you have the choice of several clothing items from my Path of Gold collection. Our blood, sweat and tears can be turned to GOLD.  

The Path of Gold collection stems from an actual drawing and painting series that I created over the course of 5 years between 2007 and 2012.  The pen and  marker drawing that I used to sketch out my Acrylic on Canvas painting series back then, has been revived within this collection.   It stands for blood, sweat and tears that have turned to gold after being refined by time and perseverance. It was actually my very first band t-shirt ever!

Flashback to the 2000's

Around that time, I had been browsing in a local shop and I saw they were selling a painting that I thought was beautiful. I was mostly drawn to the types of colors they used. It was some kind of turquoise and gold metallic paint. It would have looked perfect in my apartment. When I asked about the price, I was disappointed because I really could not afford it. As I walked home, I couldn't stop thinking about it. What could I do? Well, I decided that I would buy some paint, brushes and a canvas and would make my own painting. This eventually led to the Path of Gold concept.

The very first painting was born from a broken heart -- well several broken hearts. Deep down inside myself, I knew that everything would eventually be okay for me. I don't know how I knew that. I just did. I believed it so strongly that I painted my soul onto that canvas. It was kind of a visual poetry for the things I didn't know how to express by speaking.

It took me a long time to actualize the 3rd painting: Sweat. This was because it required deeper thought and more life experience to birth it. You'll notice that it follows a bit of a different visual theme. You don't actually see a liquid version of sweat. For me, it was more figurative that the slow growth of the roots of a tree could represent the sweat and hard work. Below you'll see photographs of my paintings. I eventually gave the paintings away as a personal ritual to release energy from the past. These photos and my new golden path are what remain.

Visit the Shop to see the clothing collection.
Heart of Gold painting by Sky Deep 2006
The very first painting, Heart of Gold (by Sky Deep 2006, Newark, NewJersey

Tears of Gold painting by Sky Deep (2007)
Tears of Gold ( (by Sky Deep 2007, Newark, NewJersey)

Sweat (by Sky Deep 2012, Gowanus area of Brooklyn, NYC)
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