"Sky Deep is an artist to aspire to in our generation"
– DJ Mag

"Sky Deep is everything but a one-trick Pony"
– Groove Magazine

"Sky Deep delivers something unique and brilliantly affirming"

3-Deep Sound Studio
Make your music stand out with
pro audio services in stereo,
Dolby Atmos & more.
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What I offer

Bringing pro music mixes at an affordable price for music creators!
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Bringing professional release ready mixes at an affordable price for independent artists.

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    Mixing: When mixing your tracks, I perform a multitude of specific operations with special focus to your genre, style and preferences.

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    Spatial Audio: If you're looking for a 3D feeling for your music, I have you covered with an add-on delivering Dolby Atmos and Binaural mixes to immerse listeners inside your sound.

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    Production Consultations: I can support you in the planning and creation of your next musical audio idea. Just schedule a meeting with me so we can explore possibilities. Use the form below.

  • My studio is an acoustically engineered room within a room located in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin.

Sky Deep mixing music in her studio.

What You GEt

  • DAW: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X are the digital audio workstations I work with for mixing and/or production.
  • PLUG INs: Waves, Izotope, Penteo, DearVR, Melodyne are some of the plug-ins we use.
  • Audio Package: Your final audio package will include everything you will EVER need for your stereo release, a remixer or future live performances.
  • We have Partner Studios for Dolby Atmos & listening in multiple pro audio environments for quality assurance for your absolute best sound.
  • Monitors: Adam Audio A7X monitors + Adam Sub10
As a standard, all my mixes come delivered with:
◉ HD Audio File ready for Mastering
◉ Group Stems
◉ Instrumental
◉ Performance Track
◉ Acapella
◉ Pre-Master for Listening (0dB)
◉ Studio File backups for at least 2 years
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How It Works

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Place your order & complete mix questionnaire so I can understand your wishes better. If we haven't yet then we can have a call together

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Mix & Chat

The mixing process begins and we ping-pong our ideas and feedback about the mix drafts.

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After approximately 10 business days, and 2 feedback rounds, your audio package is delivered to you online and we will keep it on backup for 2 years.

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Mix Packages

We offer 3 different options for mixing depending on the size and needs of your project. If you have recorded your music at home or another studio, let us give a fresh perspective to it. We will make sure it is properly prepared for mastering and that it will compete with today's top releases in your genre.

* All prices include tax *

** Please note: Packages are for independent musicians.
For labels or other business inquiries, please get in touch via contact form **


Includes our full mixing service for a single song with up to 50 tracks.

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Includes our full mixing service for an EP. We consider an EP between 4 and 6 songs.

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Includes full mixing service for an album. We consider an album between 9 and 14 songs.​

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Add-On Options

* All prices include tax *

Extra sauce
€60 / song

If you order extra sauce with your mixes, then I will print your mix through vintage studio hardware to add flavor and spend extra time making spicy FX automations and spatialized FX.

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Digital Master
€50 / song

I am happy to refer you to top notch fully focussed mastering friends or I can provide digital masters with unlimited revisions within 3 months.

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Vocal Tuning
€60 / Hour

We usually expect vocal tuning to take place during the production phase, however if further tuning is required we can jump in and get it done.

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My Experience

Sky Deep smiling at the camera while sitting in the music studio.

With over 20 years experience recording & mixing and producing various genres of music including  Electronic, HipHop, Alternative, & Pop, I'm certain I can support you in reaching the sound and energy you wish to achieve with your music. I have benefited from a combo of both traditional and non-traditional engineer training -- starting from a musical family in churches to studying a the Institute of Audio Research in NYC (in 2001) to becoming a life long autodidact of sound technology. My work has led me to concert halls, movie sets, night clubs and post-production facilities.

For the past 5 years, I have been a lecturer at BIMM University in Berlin, covering subjects in audio engineering, music production, live performance techniques and music business.

Additionally, with my continued work as a theater and film music creator, I am well versed on receiving direction from a creative lead to deliver YOUR vision in the final result.

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